Experience = Peace of Mind


We are dedicated to solving our clients’ problems– big or small


A law firm, a think tank, a confidential business advisor, a friend.  We listen to you.  Then we figure out a way to get you what you want.
We make it happen.   Smart.  Simple.  Confident.

We are the calm, strong voice clearing the path when everyone around you is losing their cool.  We are highly experienced attorneys and business people who know how to help you because we’ve been there ourselves.  From multi-million-dollar ventures to indie projects &   start-ups.  We do it all.  And if we don’t have the answer, we know where to get it.  We can help you.

As our name Entertainment Law PLC indicates, we are experienced with all types of deals relating to the entertainment industry – film, television, Internet & new media, live stage, visual arts, literary arts, music, personal appearances & endorsements, intellectual property protection & licensing, and executive employment.  From rights acquisition to financing, development, production, high-profile talent deals, union matters, distribution and marketing.  Around the corner or in Hollywood, New York, or China.  We’ve been there.

We write contracts that are clear, to the point & easy to understand.  And we won’t bleed you dry while doing it.  We want to work with you - more than once.  Let us be your port in a storm.